Our Mission

The mission of the Digital Skills Academy (DSA) is to offer people a digital literacy programme to enable them acquire digital competences to improve their work search process and to assist them to become more job ready.

For many the lack of access to the Internet in their homes, coupled with a lack of basic digital literacy skills, leaves individuals with the inability to engage in our information economy. In an economy that demands you find a job online and possess at least limited online skills, we are leaving millions behind.   That is why we have developed the USE I.T. programme, which combines two basic training modules:

  • Introduction to the computing environment covering rudimentary IT skills
  • Practical job search skills for job hunting including use of job search engines, online CVs, online network, social networking and application forms


Please bear in mind that the Use I.T. classes are only for people who are unemployed and not on the work programme or who work lesss than 16 hours per week!