Richard Krajnyik Case Study

Richard Krajnyik


Richard Krajnyik came to Edinburgh in April 2012 and found it very difficult to get a job due to his lack of confidence in his English language skills and few formal qualifications. Richard says that the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) course and the volunteering with the Digital Skills Academy (DSA) made a world of difference to his life. Although he had done some programming in school and had built his own network for games, the MTA course helped him understand why things work the way they do and get a Microsoft certification to prove his knowledge.


When asked to describe his experience as volunteer with DSA, Richard said that he felt he had “improved as a person”: improved his timekeeping skills, learned to respond to challenges, made sure he dressed appropriately. “In the first week as volunteer Wafa advised me what language to use with customers to make them feel comfortable. There is no volunteering culture in Hungary and I have now discovered how much satisfaction volunteering can bring. I like seeing others improve, when from a complete beginner they become able to work a computer independently”.


 After finishing the MTA course, Richard went onto a new course with the Prince’s Trust. His ambition and enthusiasm later brought him a job with Craneware.